Using The Matrixx Power Suit for Military Training

Looking for a more efficient tool to help you stay in shape and pass that Fitness test? The Matrixx Power Suit can be used with any workout or activity to add extra resistance, burn more calories and much, much more.  It's so comfortable you can even wear it while doing sit ups! Add it to your favorite PT workout for indoor and outdoor exercise, even swimming. It's even compact enough that you can take it when you are deployed.

More Benefits:

  • Reduces body fat
  • Helps build muscles
  • Increases bone density
  • Increases performance output
  • Increases strength, speed & endurance
  • Doesn’t add stress on the body & joints
  • Increases heart rate to fat burning level
  • Evenly distributes the weights over the torso, arms & legs
  • Linear design and flexible rubber weights conform to the body
  • Can be used for all types of military training, conditioning exercises even swimming
  • Allows for user to workout anywhere at anytime
  • Take it with you when you travel or go on deployment
  • Wear it during your PT Training
  • Wear it during your field exercises
  • Wear it during your favorite exercise & training routine
  • Wear it during your swimming exercise & training routine

Acceleration of G Forces  (for Pilots)

Training with and wearing The Matrixx Power Suit with patented weighted compression technology can help the pilot maintain consciousness and blood flow to the head during linear, radial and angular acceleration during sub-orbital flights.

- A regular program of conditioning that includes a mix of aerobic exercise coupled with resistance weight training will increase an aviator’s resistance to the effects of Gs. Training that is only aerobic in nature (jogging and swimming, for example) may lower the aviator’s heart rate to the point where is does not accelerate fast enough to compensate for the effects of Gs.

- The heart and cardiovascular system must respond quickly to G acceleration to keep blood flowing to the brain and maintain consciousness. +Gz causes the heart to beat harder and faster with an increased vascular tone to keep the blood flowing “northward” toward the head.


Testimonial From XCOR Aerospace and Former Virgin Galactic Test Pilot Brian Binnie:

   “Since we're at "stage 1" of the capabilities of your product line, I thought it reasonable to give me a couple weeks to assess it's strength building attributes. If that goes well, then there might be an opportunity to utilize your full body suit with cooling for a few of our early flights that won't need full pressure suit capabilities or exotic helmets, gloves or booties. At some point though we'd need the full up deal, but there's time still to work on it.

Best wishes,

Brian Binnie (shown above)

October 23, 2014