Patented Weighted Compression Technology with Resistance

    The science behind The Matrixx Power Suit is it's revolutionary Patented Weighted Compression Technology with Resistance.  The weighted compression technology of the Matrixx Power Suit relates to a feeling of mid-altitude, not quite as powerful as the feeling of high altitude. As most people already know high altitude is found in places like Colorado, Utah, Mount Everest, etc., where the thin air and pressure at that elevation forces the heart and lungs to work harder for the body to circulate Blood and Oxygen. The Matrixx Power Suit is designed to be worn tightly over the torso, forearms and calves, and when combined with the rubber weights, creates compression with resistance while isolating and targeting each individual muscle. Unlike traditional weighted vests, The Matrixx Power Suit is made to fit the body like clothing; one size does not fit all.

   The Matrixx Power Suit also uses isometrics. The thin rubber weights are made with a patented weight formula, and lay linear to the muscle groups on the forearms, calves, and the muscle groups of the torso, in turn isolating these individual muscles. Think about when they used to suggest placing a 25 lb weight on your abdominal muscles to do sit ups, this was done to isolate the abs. The compression of the suit in combination with the rubber weights that are placed over the individual muscles, isolates the muscles and by applying resistance, forces them to push back and become stronger. The suit also indirectly builds the muscles in the upper arms and upper legs, as well as the buttocks. The more you move while wearing the suit the more you force your muscles to work. See chart and descriptions below for the specific muscle groups targeted directly and indirectly by wearing The Matrixx Power Suit.

**For best results The Matrixx Power Suit must be worn all together, (the vest, forearm sleeves and calf sleeves) this will maximize the body’s performance output in all of the following areas: Respiratory, Cardiovascular & Muscular.