In a current study at Baylor University, Dr. Bijan Najafi is using The Matrixx Power Suit products on his patients to enhance muscle strength & recovery with his new Exer-game technology. Dr. Najafi also plans to use our Weighted Compression Technology for recovery of childhood cancer survivors in another upcoming study

Medical Uses


The Matrixx Power Suit can also help with the following conditions;

~ Obesity

~ Parkinson's

~ Multiple Sclerosis

~ Autism

~ Degenerative spinal pathologies

~ Lumbar scoliosis

~ Lower thoracic and lumbar fractures

~ Herniated or bulging disc

~ Osteoporosis

~ Spondylolysis

~ Spondylystheisis

~ Spinal stenosis

~ Tumor

~ Lumbar sprains and strains.

~ Post surgical disc or spinal stabilization

~ Spinal deformities

~ Pain

~ Support for weak trunk muscles

~ Recovery from Surgery

~ Tennis Elbow

~ Joint Pain

~ Sprains

~ Poor Circulation in the hands & feet


Suggested ways to start using The Matrixx Power Suit:

1st – Try the Matrixx Power Suit without any weights for a few weeks, to get used to the feeling of the compression.

2nd – Try adding the weights where comfortable, but add only a few at a time.

3rd – For balance issues the weights can be added on the weaker side of the body.

4th – Experiment with the weight amount and placement until you feel comfortable.

5th – Add more weight gradually when you feel stronger.

6th – Be sure to stretch after each use to release lactic acid build up in your muscles.


*The Matrixx Power Suit should not be worn during periods of extreme hot weather. If you have any pre-existing condition or are taking medications, consult your physician before using The Matrixx Power Suit. If you experience pain, discomfort or have trouble breathing, discontinue use and consult your physician. Also note results will vary with each person and condition using this product. All testimonials below are individual results and are not guaranteed to diagnose, treat or cure any of the conditions of these individuals. The Matrixx Power Suit Company, LLC is not responsible for diagnosing, treating or curing any diseases or medical conditions.



"My name is Jadwiga (Yadviga), I am 49 years old, mother of 5 children and ex top volleyball player who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. I was born in Poland but since 1988, I am living in New York. For the past 2 years I have experienced the same strange health issues, which was difficult to diagnose. I always took good care of myself by proper diet and exercise, of that I take pride but yet to be diagnosed with MS was shocking. Never-the-less I know that life still has to go on and one must not put their dreams, hopes and aspirations on hold, instead they must conquer it head on.

   As of June 2011, I took my first big step by enrolling in Central Park Boot Camp with Calvin. I was nervous and had no big expectations for it because for a long time I didn't do any exercise because of unusual symptoms from MS.  I was too weak and too shaky on my feet. In my mind I had already settled on the fact that I wouldn't be able to do much of the exercises that Calvin expected from the group. He knew about my MS and my limitations and just gently encouraged me from the first day. The next time that we met, he brought in The Matrixx Power Suit. The suit compresses the body with weight, but surprisingly is very easy to put on. The first time I put it on was a challenge as these pieces weighed me down and were heavy but after taking them off, I felt light. I felt a free feeling that I haven't felt for awhile. Each Saturday, I met with Calvin that passes by, I notice that these suits are making a big difference to my physical health."

~ Jadwiga Wadolowska-Koladzyn, MS Patient, 2011

"My experience with The Matrixx Power Suit from the time I put it on, I didn’t feel anything. I kept it on all day till I took a shower. I thought to myself “Oh, this suit didn’t make me sweat,” but when I took it off I saw that I was drenched with water. So I wore it everyday, the same way. Three weeks later the suit got too big for me and I started wearing a smaller size. I don’t go out without my suit on, it’s like my bra or my cell phone! I wore the suit throughout the winter and I didn’t feel cold, I was sweating. When I started using this suit I weighed 307 lbs and 8 weeks later I now wear 287 lbs. My waist went from 60” down to 56 ½”. I love this suit! Thank you Calvin for helping me to lose weight."

~ Dianna Mendez, 2015

“When I first started training I was around 280 lbs., 6’3” and was spending hour after hour everyday at the gym training and bike riding and I started to lose weight but was disappointed with how much time and effort it was requiring. Due to a tight work schedule, I was looking for a way to accelerate my workouts and get gains even faster. I picked up a Matrixx Power Suit and instantly I noticed a tremendous difference in my workouts. I went from a size 3X to 2X in a matter of less than 2 weeks. I noticed a huge decrease in body fat and was gaining a lot more muscle. It’s given me remarkable changes that I thought would have taken years to achieve and now I’m able to do it in weeks to months. Not only does it make you train harder but also makes you feel better when wearing the suit. Friends that I haven’t seen in a long time now don’t even recognize me since they can’t believe the transformation and how quickly it’s taken me to get where I am now. Now, I’m looking great, feeling good and wearing the suit whenever I can since it makes such a big difference.  Not only for the gym but also even when hiking, bike riding or just strolling around. I’ve tried weighted suits before but they don’t have nearly the same impact as having the compression as well, it’s the best investment I have made into workout equipment. It’s something that everyone needs to experience to understand. Just one workout with it and I was hooked and now it’s hard for me to put it down."  

~ Robert Sutton, 2014