The Matrixx Power Suit Company is a proud member of NASA's Human Health and Performance Center!

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The Matrixx Sub-Orbital Flight Suit

    Our goal is to offer use of our technology to combat the many effects of long duration space flight in a compact and comfortable suit. Our technology has the ability to prevent blood coagulation while increasing muscle mass & bone density as well as increasing strength, endurance and lung capacity. The streamlined design of the suit can be worn during sub-orbital flights and long duration space flights. The suit is comfortable and does not impede on the body's natural movement.

    Our "smart fabric" will have a moisture wicking and anti-microbial inner comfort layer, perforated neoprene and a breathable top layer, all of which will help to flush toxins out of the body during use. Our Version 2 design also includes a vital sign-monitoring sensor to read the body's vital signs in real time.

Benefits for Consumer Space Travel  (for Pilots and passengers of Sub-Orbital Flights)

Training with and wearing The Matrixx Power Suit with weighted compression technology can help the pilot and passengers combat the effect of G Forces during exit and reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere during Sub-Orbital flights. Commercial Space Travel will soon be offered to consumers on flights by Virgin Galactic, XCOR Aerospace, Boeing, Sierra Nevada, and Space X.

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Benefits for NASA Astronauts

    Over the last 50 years, Astronauts have been experiencing significant muscle atrophy, bone & calcium loss, and blood coagulation due to decreased blood circulation and lack of movement from space travel. Estimates suggest that up to 40% of all astronauts will experience fainting spells or at least dizzy spells on their return home (Risk of Orthostatic Intolerance During Re-exposure to Gravity, March 2008).

    Current Medical Compression Garments improve blood circulation, minimize swelling after the surgical procedures, flush the body out of potentially harmful fluids, accelerates the healing process, and allows the patient to return to daily routines sooner.

   In an article on, a study was conducted to prove that wearing a weighted vest while exercising can boost bone mass and will help to stave off the effects of osteoporosis when worn while walking. Wearing a weighted vest while running or jumping may provide even more benefit. Several small studies have shown exercise with a weighted vest increases bone-mineral density in older women and improves balance. Felicia Cosman, senior clinical director of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, says it’s logical to think the vests would be beneficial because “bone responds to the magnitude of the force put on it.”

     The Matrixx Power Suit with Patented Weighted Compression Technology with Resistance provides the benefits of traditional weighted vests, wrist weights and ankle weights but combined it with the benefits of compression garments for an even better benefit to astronauts. The comfortable design allows for extended use while keeping the wearer comfortable. The suit will help increase blood circulation, reduce swelling, help strengthen bones, and help to build and condition muscles while in a zero gravity environment.

The Clothespin Test (to show how the suit works in Zero Gravity):

        Open the Jaws of the clothespin by pressing down the two ends of the pin together. Place the clothespin on your index finger and release the tips. This will allow the springs that hold the clothespins pieces together, and will clamp down with pressure on your finger. This pressure causes the muscles in your finger to react to the pressure thus creating Resistance, and in return will increase Blood & Oxygen flow.

       By moving (wiggling) your finger, you will not feel the weight of the clothespin, but the resistance is still present until the clothespin is removed.

        The clothespin test shows how "Weighted Compression with Resistance" works in Outer Space (zero gravity) for Astronauts. Even the heaviest of weights has no effect in Space because of the absence of gravity, however the Compression of the weights causes Resistance (muscle reaction) to the Targeted Muscle Groups where the weights are placed. By combining weights with compression it creates resistance, this in turn creates an increase in Blood & Oxygen, while building Muscle & Bone Density and improving overall balance.