Using The Matrixx Power Suit for Sports Training

Want to get the most out of your favorite sports training routine? The Matrixx Power Suit can be used to train for any sport. It will add extra resistance, burn more calories and much, much more.  It's so comfortable you can even wear it under your sports gear, ex. shoulder pads for football, shin guards for soccer, sparring gear for karate, while swimming laps, etc... Once you get used to training with the suit on for your sport of choice, when you get to your game or race your strength, speed and endurance will increase!

~ How did Olympians Bianca Knight & Demetrius Pinder win Gold in the 2012 London Olympic Games?

~ Their secret weapon is the revolutionary Matrixx Power Suit Patented Weighted Compression Training System that uses Weighted Compression Technology with Resistance.


Team Matrixx Olympians include: 

Bianca Knight - 100M, 200M & 4 x 100M relay runner, US

Demetrius Pinder - 400M & 4 x 400M relay runner, Bahamas
Mike Rogers - 4 x 400M relay runner, US

Yargelis Savigne - Triple Jumper, Cuba


Bianca Knight
100M & 200M Runner from the US
2012 London Olympic Games

US women, Tianna Madison, Allyson Felix, Bianca Knight
& Carmelita Jetter won the Gold medal in the 4 x 100M relay with a new World Record of 40.82 seconds!

Demetrius Pinder
400M Runner from the Bahamas
2012 London Olympic Games

Bahamas men, Chris Brown, Demetrius Pinder, Michael Mathieu & Ramon Miller won Gold medal over the US
in the 4 x 400M relay!

Demetrius Pinder ran a 43.7 second split putting the Bahamas in the lead.

Mike Rogers

200M Runner from the United States

Mike Rogers is currently second next to Justin Gatlin!

100 M Runner Mike Rogers

Yargelis Savigne
Triple Jumper from Cuba