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Bone Density Testing @ Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort

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"We have been experimenting with the Matrixx power suit for the past 8 months. It is the most comfortable, nice looking weighted suit I have seen on the market. It can be used during exercise workouts and walking to add intensity to the force placed on bones and muscles. This added force is likely to help those with low bone density or diagnosed Osteoporosis or Osteopenia to increase bone density. Our clients are reporting the suit is comfortable and well fitting."

Mike Siemens, MS
Corporate Exercise Physiology Director | Health & Healing
Canyon Ranch Tucson

Private In-House Research Study conducted by Dr. Bijan Najafi for Diabetes Patients with poor circulation in the legs and feet at Baylor College of Medicine



Dr. Bijan Najafi Ph.D. Professor of Surgery, Director of Clinical Research, Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy, Director of Interdisciplinary Consortium on Advanced Motion Performance (iCAMP), Michael E. DeBakey Department of Surgery   Baylor College of  Medicine.

Dr. Najafi is currently conducting an in-house study at Baylor with Matrixx Wearable Wellness Technology. He is using game-based exercise combined with Matrixx technology to magnify benefits of several interactive and personalized Balance training interventions for in-hospital, in-clinic, and in-home body and mind exercises for Diabetes Patients with pain, balance problems and lost feeling in the feet
and ankles.

V02 Max Test

 ~ Test by Ann Marie Miller

Hi Calvin & Holly,

   Here are documents from the Treadmill VO2 testing with the subject wearing "traditional" workout wear (Under Armour Synthetic T-shirt and shorts) and wearing the full Matrixx Power Suit. I have included a brief summary, which describes the overall results and conclusions. As expected, the subject's heart rate, VO2 and caloric expenditure were greater at all intensities with the subject wearing the Matrixx Power Suit. This demonstrates an individual wearing the Matrixx Power Suit will burn more calories/minute at the same speed than someone wearing "traditional" gym clothes.

   I have also included the summaries from the New Leaf System showing heart rate, calories consumed and percentages of fats & carbohydrates utilized during the assessments, as well as PDF's of the raw data from the Baseline VO2 assessment, where the subject wore "traditional" gym clothes, and the Matrixx Power Suit.

   It was a pleasure performing the assessments; keep me in mind if you need any other fitness testing, or other services. Best wishes for the continued success of the Matrixx Power Suit - this is an exciting product that offers many benefits for athletes who want to get the most out of their workouts.

 Ann Marie Miller, MA

USA Cycling Level 2 Licensed Coach, ACSM(HFI)


Mars Desert Research Station Crew 138

Matrixx Power Suit User Feedback Survey

March 15-31, 2014

~ By Commander Jamie R. Guined M.Ed., MBA, CSCS, FMS

Hi Calvin,

   “Great to hear from you!!! As for the final report on the Matrixx Power Suit, I anticipate having that prepared and submitted to you no later than the first weekend in May.  The suits were AWESOME to use and definitely provided a challenge for us!!  I love it!!  Thanks and have a wonderful afternoon!”


Jamie R. Guined M.Ed., MBA, CSCS, FMS

NASA (Contractor) Johnson Space Center

Exercise Scientist/Founder

LAUNCH Fitness & Human Performance

IGNITE Health & Wellness

Performance Data

By Erik J. Johnson

“The additional resistance provided by the Matrixx Power Suit would ultimately increase the intensity of a given workout, which over time, would lead to favorable adaptations in muscular endurance and aerobic fitness.

Thank you for considering us to test your product!  I think you’re on to something good!”

~ Erik Jamar Johnson, ACSM-HFS, CSCS

NASA (Contractor) Kennedy Space Center

Fitness Professional Health Applications, 2010


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