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"As an Olympic Gold Medalist, I try to find the most effective and efficient training techniques to maximize my workouts and performance. The Matrixx Power Suit has helped me tremendously in numerous ways. The tight fit, durable vest and rubber weights enable me to add weight resistance to my training comfortably. The best thing about this suit is it increases the intensity of my workouts and makes me feel as if I am doing two workouts in one. It also maximized my performance at the Olympics and continues to so everyday in my training by increasing my speed, endurance, and strength. All in all, The Matrixx Power Suit builds my confidence in my workouts and performance, and makes me not only physically stronger but mentally stronger as well.” 

~ Demetrius Pinder, Olympic 4 x 400 Gold Medalist, London 2012

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“I'm a cancer survivor and I wanted to share my story about this product and how I detected it early by using The Matrixx Power Suit to lose weight. In 2016, I went to visit my primary care physician for my annual routine physical assessment. At the time the only chief complaint I was concerned about was my chronic back pain. During that visit my physician also went over my lab results and disclosed to me my cholesterol level is moderately high and I would need a breast reduction surgery to ease my back pain if I didn't lose weight. As a result, she advised me of ways to improve my cholesterol level. She encouraged ways to modify my diet and to include exercise in my lifestyle to lose weight.

There was no way I was going to get a breast reduction surgery, so I took her advice and joined Synergy where I met Calvin Stewart. It wasn’t long before I became motivated with Calvin’s spinning class. I wanted to challenge myself, so Calvin suggested I try his Matrixx Power Suit (wearable gym). I fell in love with my results after including the suit in my workout. The Matrixx Power Suit helped me lose a total of 10 lbs within One month; I felt and saw progress in myself. My primary care physician was astonished to see me change in my physical appears in a short period of time and my efforts reflected on my lab results immediately.

Unfortunately, during that visit we also discovered a breast lump that later resulted to be stage two breast cancer. But, using the Matrixx Power Suit helped me with my weight loss, which also helped detect the lump in my breast by losing weight and to become more self-aware of my health. If it weren’t for Calvin’s spinning class and introducing me to The Matrixx Power Suit. I probably would not have detected my cancer in such an early stage. To top this all off, my back pain has also diminished tremendously since I began my journey of weight loss. This encouraged me to stay focused and also has caused me to become more attuned with myself.”

~ Mimerose Ferdinand, 2018

Jay Heimsoth after photo

“I knew I wanted to be able to play with my children when I’m in my 40’s and that I would need to work hard to improve and maintain my health.  The Matrixx Power Suit is a tremendously efficient technology in my toolbox to help me achieve the results I want.  The unique design and capabilities of the Matrixx Power Suit allows me to continue to work out the way I want, hit my goals and recover faster.” 

Jay Heimsoth NFL Photos
• 1989: Menisectomy – Right knee • 1994: Compound metacarpal fracture – Right hand • 1995: Ruptured lumbar disc – L5-S1 • 2000: Arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove bone fragments and torn cartilage – Right elbow • 2007: Artificial lumbar disc replacement – L5-S1 • 2014: Arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove bone fragments and torn cartilage – Left elbow • 2016: High tibial osteotomy, with iBalance implant – Right knee

• 1989: Menisectomy – Right knee
• 1994: Compound metacarpal fracture – Right hand
• 1995: Ruptured lumbar disc – L5-S1
• 2000: Arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove bone fragments and torn cartilage – Right elbow
• 2007: Artificial lumbar disc replacement – L5-S1
• 2014: Arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove bone fragments and torn cartilage – Left elbow
• 2016: High tibial osteotomy, with iBalance implant – Right knee

~ Jay Heimsoth, Former Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Back, 2017

   "Was very skeptical initially. I was already working out with a 25 lb weighted vest. The Matrixx suit is not simply about the weight. The suit is made of the same neoprene material I wear when I scuba dive. The material compresses your core,making it more difficult to breathe. This simulates exercising at high altitudes. Definitely made me work harder.

   Targeted resistance is another advantage of the Matrixx Suit system over a conventional weighted vest. The weighted compression garment for the legs allows me to target leg muscles."

Dr. Roby Mitchell, aka Dr. Fitt, 2018

"My name is Tanya Edmonds, and I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012.  It began with issues with my vision and progressed to severe balance and motor difficulties.  After two years of increasing problems with walking and my balance, I felt as if I would never live normally, and be able to engage in regular activities again.  A good friend faithfully wears Calvin’s Matrixx vest and suggested it might benefit me as well.  I spoke with Calvin, and he explained to me how the vest could help me regain my strength and balance.  I was of course skeptical. I had tried various medications and exercises before with minimal effect, but I was open to giving the Matrixx vest a shot.  I immediately noticed a difference with the vest.  I was able to walk without assistance, and I was able to walk and stand without losing my balance.  I felt hopeful for the first time in a while.  Now I wear the vest all the time even around my home.  It has helped me more than anything else I have tried.  It is comfortable to wear and maintain and has contributed to restoring my strength and more importantly my confidence.  I cannot enough express my gratitude to Calvin for his fantastic product!” 

 Tonya Edmonds, 2018 

Ian Curran is Managing Partner & BoxFit Director of Ultima - BoxFit in West Palm Beach, Florida

Beth testimonial photo.jpg

   "I am an athlete, always have been, always will be.  As such, you can imagine at first glance, I didn't think there was much the Matrixx Power Suit could do for me; I just saw a man with intense passion who could ignite a room into a fury of hilarity while also intensely, yet in an extremely fun way forcing them into sweating and pushing their bodies to limits they could have never dreamed possible. But, once I tried it for myself, I was hooked.  It undoubtedly transforms you.  I admittedly didn't have any goals in wearing it, as my only fitness goal, as an adult, is to just stay fit and active and happy. Now, I ride a bike around NYC regularly over the Queensborough bridge, I run, I lift, I practice yoga, and I play any number of sports regularly.  So, what this suit has brought to me is quite simple, actually. It gave me the gift of extreme endurance. Wearing it during a cycling class or while lifting had the same affect as power lifting; it makes you stronger because it provides constant resistance. When I take it off, and do normal motions without it, I feel like a superhero.  I am not exaggerating.  This suit, and wearing it even a few times a week enables me to KEEP doing all of the things I love without FEELING like I am aging, as we all undoubtedly are.  I can bike all over New York City for an entire day, when everyone else feels run down after they bike 1 mile. I can take 3 classes at my gym and feel amazing, and I can eat as much as I want and not feel depleted and tired, because I have been burning insane amounts of calories during my workout with the Matrixx Power Suit.  If you want to feel like you did when you were 21 again, all you need is this suit.  I swear by it. I love it. I need it. "

~ Beth Mota, 2017

    “Tried my new Matrixx Power Suit and it’s confirmed, my training will never be the same! This weighted compression suit consists of arm and calf sleeves along with a vest that had me pushing through tonight’s workout. It’s great for all levels, even just starting off with minimal weights you’ll feel like you’re working twice as hard! Another great feature, it molds to your body due to its’ patented design. I’m beyond sold!”

Curtis Williams, Former NFL Player for Baltimore Ravens & NY Jets 2015

Brian Binnie photo

    “It was my pleasure to meet you both and thanks for the introduction to your New Patented Matrixx Power Suit with weighted compression technology with resistance, and allowing me to test the Strength Building Attributes. During my test I found that the comfort of the suit and the flexibility didn't restrict any body movement. The combination of weights and compression directly targeting each muscle was superior to anything else I have ever used. The balanced distribution of the weights truly makes this product stand-alone. The leg and arm weights were a great addition to the vest and helped to condition my body overall. I found by combining these two ideas with the streamlined design of The Matrixx Power Suit is a great benefit for Test Pilots, Consumer Space Travelers, and Astronauts. I fully endorse The Matrixx Power Suit and look forward to see and use future designs and products from The Matrixx Power Suit Company, LLC.”

~ Brian Binnie, Senior Test Pilot XCOR Aerospace 2015

Johanthan Binnie 50 Mile Run photo

    "Just finished 50 miles in the suit! Was a rough start getting use to the weight on my legs and arms but after about ten miles felt great. No cramping after 30 miles (always happens at 30). Love the even distribution of weight over the whole body. I'm so used to having all the weight on my shoulders. Attached is a picture by the golden
gate bridge. I've got Olympic lifting tomorrow, so I will try the suit with that next. I love this Suit!!!"

~ Jonathan Binnie, Spartan Racer & Death Racer 2015

"The Matrixx Suit has definitely enhanced my workouts, including this last training session before leaving for the London Olympics.... LOVE IT!!!"

~ Lewis Johnson, NBC Olympics Commentator, 2012

I was introduced to The Matrixx Power Suit when I met Calvin at a conference 7 years ago.  I have been using the Matrixx Power Suit for 3 years now and I am able to conduct more efficient and effective workouts when using the Suit.  I am a U.S. Army Trained Master Fitness Trainer and we always stressed the importance of conducting diverse workouts that keep your exercises relevant and fresh as well as enhance your training.  The Matrixx Power Suit helps me do that.  My workouts are excellent and I am on track to complete my 17th Marathon in October!  Not bad for a 57 year old!


~ James A. “Tony” Price, Lieutenant Colonel USA (Retired), 2016

"My experience with The Matrixx Power Suit from the time I put it on, I didn’t feel anything. I kept it on all day till I took a shower. I thought to myself “Oh, this suit didn’t make me sweat,” but when I took it off I saw that I was drenched with water. So I wore it everyday, the same way. Three weeks later the suit got too big for me and I started wearing a smaller size. I don’t go out without my suit on, it’s like my bra or my cell phone! I wore the suit throughout the winter and I didn’t feel cold, I was sweating. When I started using this suit I weighed 307 lbs and 8 weeks later I now weigh 287 lbs. My waist went from 60” down to 56 ½”. I love this suit! Thank you Calvin for helping me to lose weight.  "    ~ Dianna Mendez, 2015

"My experience with The Matrixx Power Suit from the time I put it on, I didn’t feel anything. I kept it on all day till I took a shower. I thought to myself “Oh, this suit didn’t make me sweat,” but when I took it off I saw that I was drenched with water. So I wore it everyday, the same way. Three weeks later the suit got too big for me and I started wearing a smaller size. I don’t go out without my suit on, it’s like my bra or my cell phone! I wore the suit throughout the winter and I didn’t feel cold, I was sweating. When I started using this suit I weighed 307 lbs and 8 weeks later I now weigh 287 lbs. My waist went from 60” down to 56 ½”. I love this suit! Thank you Calvin for helping me to lose weight."

~ Dianna Mendez, 2015

“When I first started training I was around 280 lbs., 6’3” and was spending hour after hour everyday at the gym training and bike riding and I started to lose weight but was disappointed with how much time and effort it was requiring. Due to a tight work schedule, I was looking for a way to accelerate my workouts and get gains even faster. I picked up a Matrixx Power Suit and instantly I noticed a tremendous difference in my workouts. I went from a size 3X to 2X in a matter of less than 2 weeks. I noticed a huge decrease in body fat and was gaining a lot more muscle. It’s given me remarkable changes that I thought would have taken years to achieve and now I’m able to do it in weeks to months. Not only does it make you train harder but also makes you feel better when wearing the suit. Friends that I haven’t seen in a long time now don’t even recognize me since they can’t believe the transformation and how quickly it’s taken me to get where I am now. Now, I’m looking great, feeling good and wearing the suit whenever I can since it makes such a big difference. Not only for the gym but also even when hiking, bike riding or just strolling around. I’ve tried weighted suits before but they don’t have nearly the same impact as having the compression as well, it’s the best investment I have made into workout equipment. It’s something that everyone needs to experience to understand. Just one workout with it and I was hooked and now it’s hard for me to put it down.

~ Robert Sutton, 2014

~ Matt Lucas, 2013

"I just wanted you to know that the Matrixx Power Suit I received last year was one of my favorite gifts to date! Oprah needs to include it in her holiday best gifts list! I work out about 4-5x a week and 85% of the time I am wearing the suit! It has totally allowed me to get into the best shape of my life. I saw results as soon as two week of use, although in the beginning it can be a bit challenging I stuck with it. The vest, the arm sleeves and leg sleeves allowed me to increase the weight as I became stronger. Using the complete suit has toned and sculpted my body to perfection. When I take a class at the gym, I am getting twice, if not more of a work and a better bang for my membership bucks than the other members. The suit allows me to achieve my fitness goals much quicker. Even on my off days from the gym I walk my puppy Charmer in my Matrixx Power Suit vest. Charmer is only 4.5 lbs! I truly burn off unwanted calories; you know that desert I shouldn't have eaten! Thanks again for creating such an amazing product that makes me feel super energized and sexy!!!"

~ Camille McDonald, America's Next Top Model Allstar 2012

"My name is Jadwiga (Yadviga), I am 49 years old, mother of 5 children and ex top volleyball player who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010. I was born in Poland but since 1988, I am living in New York. For the past 2 years I have experienced the same strange health issues, which was difficult to diagnose. I always took good care of myself by proper diet and exercise, of that I take pride but yet to be diagnosed with MS was shocking. Never-the-less I know that life still has to go on and one must not put their dreams, hopes and aspirations on hold, instead they must conquer it head on.

   As of June 2011, I took my first big step by enrolling in Central Park Boot Camp with Calvin. I was nervous and had no big expectations for it because for a long time I didn't do any exercise because of unusual symptoms from MS.  I was too weak and too shaky on my feet. In my mind I had already settled on the fact that I wouldn't be able to do much of the exercises that Calvin expected from the group. He knew about my MS and my limitations and just gently encouraged me from the first day. The next time that we met, he brought in The Matrixx Power Suit. The suit compresses the body with weight, but surprisingly is very easy to put on. The first time I put it on was a challenge as these pieces weighed me down and were heavy but after taking them off, I felt light. I felt a free feeling that I haven't felt for awhile. Each Saturday, I met with Calvin that passes by, I notice that these suits are making a big difference to my physical health."

~ Jadwiga Wadolowska-Koladzyn, MS Patient, 2011

“I'm a young male athlete from NJ. I started using the Matrixx Power Suit about a year ago off and on, and working with Mr. Calvin Stewart to learn from his expertise, being he is one of the finest trainers in NY. My experience using the Matrixx Power Suit has been very successful, utilizing the ability to maximize my workouts and in half of the time. The vest gives you great stability and motion to move freely without the inconvenience of that bulky and uncomfortable feeling you get with many other weighted vests. Included with the Matrixx Power Suit are the arm and leg sleeves that give your muscles more oxygen due to the patent pending compression system. During my training with the suit, I realized that my legs were becoming a lot more defined and it was actually benefiting my knees quite a bit, making me more explosive when playing sports and working out. This is a huge factor for myself being that I tore my ACL a few years back. I'm always looking for the next top product that can help enhance my performance either on the basketball court, football field or the gym and the Matrixx Power Suit is that new product that will give you great benefits for years to come, no matter your workout preference if you chose to walk around the neighborhood or training for the Olympics with the Matrixx Power Suit you will receive great benefits."

~ Allante Williams, 2012

"I've been working out with The Matrixx Power Suit for the past 6 months and have seen more results in those 6 months than I have in years! I've lost several inches from every part of my body and am extremely happy with the results. Not only have I seen great results, I find the suit has great support benefits as well. I have lower back pain and I have found that working out with the Matrixx Power Suit helps support my core, allowing me to feel confident to do almost any exercise."

~ Leslie Klein, 2012

“As a Model and an actress in a very competitive industry I recent had to get a trainer. When I began working I was extremely out of shape, therefore I was sore, like most people are after the first week of training. The first week I did not use the Matrixx Power Suit and my workout felt like that of just an average out of shape person. After the first week I began using the Matrixx Power Suit and after just the first workout when I took it off the soreness and pain I had went down by a lot. Before I put the suit on and did my workout I was in pain, sore and my body felt heavy. After the workout I felt very light. Since the suit is super tight against your muscles you are getting a double workout. I have no words to explain the strength and lightness I felt throughout my body after just one half hour workout with the Matrixx Power Suit and would highly recommend it to everyone I know.”

~ Alexa Elliott, Model & Actress, 2011

"I am currently a Jack-man on a NASCAR pit-crew, and also a former professional football player. I have worked out with the Matrixx Power Suit, and I can honestly say that it is one of the most effective workout platforms I have ever used. The Matrixx Power Suit will be a force in the workout world! You will not be disappointed, I guarantee!"

~ Richie Williams, ATC Student, 2010

"I am a Student at the Athletic Training Concepts School (ATC) for NASCAR pit crew training. I have trained with The Matrixx Power Suit and I have seen and felt the immediate results and the overall benefits that The Matrixx Power Suit can provide for ATC students. I believe by training with The Matrixx Power Suit I will continue to increase my strength, speed and endurance, and I will able to reach my ultimate fitness and training goals. I also believe that the Matrixx Power Suit would be beneficial to everyone that uses it."

~ Tes Lee, ATC Student, 2010

"Swimming with the Matrixx Power Suit is like two workouts packed into one! Not only are you pulling your own weight through the water but now you're training with added resistance as well, giving you double conditioning. The second you take off the Matrixx Power Suit for a competition you'll fly through the water, in better shape than ever, I know I did!"

~ Keri Fowler, 2009

"I’m 57 years old and I have been dieting and exercising for quite some time and I hit a wall. Not only did I stop losing weight I slowly began to put on pounds, though my routine remained unchanged. Finally, I got a blood test and it was discovered that my thyroid was no longer functioning properly. I began to take a supplemental thyroid medication and began again to exercise and eat right. Then I started using the Matrixx Power Suit in my exercise routine. Slowly but steadily, the weight began to drop. I’ve lost a dress size without even adding the weights to the Power Suit. I’m confident that my hard work will pay off and I will get to my goal. Thank you Matrixx Power Suit!"

~ Peachy Stone, 2009
Grandmother & Former Teacher

“I am a three time National team member and former U.S. National Tae Kwon Do team member. I want to share with you this “new wave training suit.” It has helped me prepare for the Olympic team in Beijing, China and world level competitions. After putting the Matrixx Power Suit on, I felt three times faster, stronger and more powerful. Whether I was running, jumping, doing plyometrics or performing certain martial arts movements, I felt the rising pressure of the Matrixx Power Suit. The pressure increased the workout difficulty and ultimately when I took it off, my natural body movement was a lot more quick, explosive and less stressed. My regular workout had been taken to the next level!!!

This is why I am endorsing this product, it is the new wave of training for the future. I want to thank Calvin Stewart for creating such a revolutionary product.”

~ Eleni Koutsilianos, 2008